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Seasport Divers - Dive Ni'ihau 

You must be certified for this dive.

When you Dive Ni’ihau with Seasport Divers, you’re giving your tour group the opportunity to enjoy a full day, three tank Kauai Scuba Diving adventure for only expert and experienced divers.  You’ll enjoy lava pillars, incredible wall dives, and enormous caves during this Kauai Tour that includes breakfast, lunch, three dives, and snacks during the summer months only. 

Some of the most faultless and spectacular Kauai Scuba Diving available through Kauai Activities Discount takes place off of Ni’hau.  This is one of the most exciting Kauai Activities and includes numerous pelagics, bountiful fish, and unlimited visibility to impress even the pickiest diver.  During this Kauai Tour, you’ll be able to see diverse marine life such as large schools of butterfly fish, spinner dolphins, spotted eagle rays, bandit and potter angel fish, octopus, monk seals, tiger cowries, lobster, manta rays, and maybe even sharks!  And this is just a fraction of what you’ll see when you Dive Ni’ihau! 

Ni'ihau Island is reachable from Kauai via the Kaulakahi Channel.  The island is situated 17 miles SW of Kauai and is just slightly SE of Lehua Rock.   The crater at Lehua Rock as well as the northern tip of Ni'ihau are considered to be two of the premier dive sites in the area.  The morning dive starts at 6:00am with the journey from Kauai's South Shore and consists of a 20-mile crossing.  This trek is not for the faint of stomach, although the waters are typically clear and calm.  You’ll be able to enjoy breakfast while the gorgeous view of Ni’ihau grows closer.  The first dive of the day is a deep one that usually occurs at Keyhole or Vertical Awareness.  This dive is about 100 feet deep and gives you the chance to see marine life with unlimited visibility.

The frequently used second dive site is referred to as the Super Highways.  The maximum depth for this Kauai Scuba Diving dive is 60 feet, and the well-known feature is the immense lava formation that seems to resemble a super highway structure.  Enormous yellow margin eels, white tip reef sharks, tiger cowries, and octopus are plentiful along with numerous swim-throughs and caves that make this site a diving playground.  After this dive, you’ll be able to enjoy a little sun, lots of food, and you might get to see a dolphin or two before it’s time to go back into the water.

With a wide selection of sites such as Lehua Rock or the Drive-Through Cave, the third dive of your fun-filled day is sure to thrill and to never disappoint.  Calm and shallow is the general theme of this final dive.  

As the boat leaves your Dive Ni’ihau adventure and heads back towards Kauai, it’s time for you and your fellow divers to warm up and dry off for the ride back.  The afternoon channel is usually bumpier than in the morning, so get ready for excitement! 

Passage across the Kaulakahi Channel can be rough, so Seasport Divers’ Ni’hau trips are reserved for the calmer months from late spring to early autumn.

When you’re planning your Kauai Tours and Kauai Activities through Kauai Activities Discount, be sure to ask about the opportunities to Dive Ni’ihau!

Tour Highlights:

  • 3 tank dive near Hawaii's "Forbidden Isle" – Ni'ihau
  • Enjoy incredible wall dives, soaring lava pillars, enormous caves and spectacular visibility
  • Diverse marine life – you are likely to see spinner dolphins, butterflyfish, angelfish, spotted eagle rays, monk seals, octopus, lobster, tiger cowries and possibly manta rays and sharks (white tip reef, black tip reef and Galapagos)

Please download and fill out this required medical questionnaire and bring it with you to the dive.

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Where and When:
Check in at 6:00 am at Seasport Divers, 2827 Poipu Road, Koloa, HI 96756 View Map
Tour returns to the Seasport Divers dive shop around 6:00 pm.
Bring your certification card.
You must be certified for this dive (certification card must be presented at check-in).
You must have completed at least 30 dives to participate in this tour.

There is a Medical Questionnaire that needs to be filled out and passed to participate in this scuba dive. If participant fails the Medical Questionnaire, a doctor must give a written statement (faxes are OK) that scuba activities are safe and allowed for this participant prior to going scuba diving.
Special Notes:
Passage across the Kaulakahi Channel, from Kauai to Ni'ihau and back, can be rough at the best of times. Seasport Divers' Ni'ihau trips are, therefore, only scheduled for the normally calmer period that runs from late spring through early autumn.
Operation Days:
Tuesdays and Fridays
11-12 hours
Seasport Divers Kauai
The Anela Kai is a custom-fitted PRO48 dive boat, U.S. Coast Guard certified for 42 passengers or 30 divers. However, Seasport Divers limits it to only 12 divers for their Niihau scuba diving tour. The vessel is equipped with two hot water showers, a 10-person observation deck, a large covered cabin and two ladders for easy ocean entry and exit.
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